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Zip: 30319

   D.Muscio Fine Jewelry      

Our services range from modifying an existing piece our client already owns, to creating... More Info

City: DeKalb County

Harry Warneke
(770) 804-1277‎

Zip: 30338

   Continental Diamonds      

Continental Diamonds is a family owned and operated business which has been serving Atlanta since... More Info

City: DeKalb County

Contact Manager
(770) 936-8500‎

Zip: 30340

   Ruby Jewelry      

Ruby Jewelry is definitely more than just rubies. It is a small independent jewelry store run by... More Info

City: DeKalb County

Contact Manager

Zip: 30341

   Margot Townsend Jewelry      

Margot Townsend Inc. is an industry leading provider of fashion and bridge jewelry in a diverse... More Info

City: DeKalb County

Contact Manager
(770) 452-1415

Zip: 30340

   Murray Jeweler Supply      

For the last 50 years, we have been serving the needs of the watchmaker, jeweler and jewelry store... More Info

City: DeKalb County

Contact Manager
(770) 454-9888‎

Zip: 30340

   S W Imports      

Wholesale... More Info

City: DeKalb County

Engagement Rings Atlanta

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