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ChaChaBella Inc

Address: P.O. Box 5762
GA 30114
Phone: 678-343-1150

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In the heart of the southland, three amazing women formed an incredible and unique friendship through the bonds of life, love and sisterhood.

After Christening themselves the ChaCha Girls, which represented their colossal love of all things sparkly and fun, they joined ingenious forces to create the first-ever ChaChaBella ring as a gift for bridesmaids at a seaside ChaCha girl wedding.

Those original bridesmaids, brought together from far away places for one magical weekend, were bonded through the spirit of the twinkling rings. Each would wear their ChaChaBella ring to remind them of each other and the fantastic thrill of feminine friendship. Thereafter, the orginal ChaChaGirls gave sparkly rings to each other, to bring a bit of effervescence and bling to one another's everyday lives.
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  • Listing ID:
  • 27
  • Store:
  • ChaChaBella Inc
  • Owner:
  • Heather Roe Thompson
  • Location:
  • Canton
  • Phone:
  • 678-343-1150
Shamballa Bracelets Atlanta

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