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Guven's Fine Jewelry

Address: 1790 Mall of Georgia Blvd.
GA 30519
Phone: ( 678) 546-9099
Website: Visit Our Website

There's only one reason Guven's family owned and run jewelery store was voted the 2003 GWINNETTS BEST by the citizens of Gwinnett. Value. Gwinnett residents know they recieve the very best jewlery at the very best price along with the very best service when they purchase from the Guven family. Guven's Fine Jewlery has an enormous selection and we offer a great value on diamonds and other precious stones, gold and other precious medals, rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains and many other items. Check our Mall of Georgia Jewelery Store Guide to find the best deals on the finest jewelry available.
Guven's Fine Jewelry
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  • Listing ID:
  • 6
  • Store:
  • Guven's Fine Jewelry
  • Owner:
  • Isa Guven
  • Location:
  • Buford
  • Phone:
  • ( 678) 546-9099
  • Website:
  • Visit Our Website
Shamballa Bracelets Atlanta

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