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James Avery Jewelers

Address: 7391 North Point Parkway
GA 30022
Phone: 770-594-9993
Website: Visit Our Website

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From the very beginning, James Avery has believed in integrity and good taste in all matters. Our jewelry must be as pleasant to wear as it is to see. Our designers create jewelry that is functional as well as expressive, and our crafts people work with dedication and skill to ensure each design is as it should be, from concept to completion.

The Avery Look is nothing new. It has no pretense of being so. It tries to assimilate and reflect many cultures and the art of those cultures. One might say that The Avery Look is an attempt to embody an insight into all ages and periods of artistic achievement. It is difficult to define. However, some of the attributes and values from The Avery Look have grown into a company philosophy. Each piece of jewelry should pass the tests of Simplicity, Integrity, Meaning and Universality. These four “founding values” are deeply carved into wood planks hanging prominently on the solid stone walls of our present-day Design Studio. It’s a constant reminder of what we believe.
James Avery Jewelers
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Shamballa Bracelets Atlanta

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