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Littman Jewelers

Address: 2929 Turner Hill Rd
GA 30038
Phone: 678-526-8893
Website: Visit Our Website

Littman and Barclay Jewelers, are subsidiaries of Fred Meyer Jewelers Inc, the 3rd largest Jewelry chain in the United States. Littman and Barclay has been trusted for over 100 years with a never wavering commitment to offer customers a completely satisfactory shopping experience that results in excellent value for their time and money. Littman and Barclay Jewelers were acquired in 1998 by Fred Meyer Jewelers Inc. The acquisition combined with continuous growth from opening new locations has helped Littman, Barclay, and Fred Meyer Jewelers quickly grow to over 396 Jewelry outlets in 35 States under the banners of Littman Jewelers, Barclay Jewelers, and Fred Meyer Jewelers.
Littman Jewelers
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  • Littman Jewelers
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  • Lithonia
  • Phone:
  • 678-526-8893
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